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Jun 26, 2020

💗 EPISODE #8: "Colors at War" 💗 

Just when you thought our lives couldn’t get more challenging, thousands of angry Americans have taken to the streets, some burning buildings and setting police cars ablaze. Is it a volcanic eruption from pandemic frustrations or a deep-seeded anger that is generations old?


May 20, 2020


💗 EPISODE ##7: "Co-Creating with Color" 💗 

Have you ever tried looking at Life through rose-colored glasses? In this episode, you’ll learn how to accentuate the positive, even when it appears that Life is just one dark cloud after another! 

Host Eleyne-Mari Sharp will also talk about the two colors everyone...

Apr 19, 2020


💗 EPISODE #6: "Color is Not Cancelled" 💗 

Strange times! Do you feel like we’re all living inside a really bad disaster movie with no superhero in sight?

Despite the current pandemic, it’s Color Therapy Month, a reminder to look to the rainbow for comfort and strength. In this episode, host Eleyne-Mari...